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1. Lifestyle modification journey                                             (12 week program)


This is my signature program for those seeking to permanently change their habits and transition to a healthier way of life. This program consists of six 45 minute coaching sessions that include a combination of the following:

  • General nutrition counseling
  • Navigating the transition process.
  • Food shopping tips and reading food labels.
  • Eating healthy on a budget
  • Vegan and gluten free cooking tips
  • Eating healthy when dining out            

Price: $400



2. Cleanses


This is an accelerated detox program for you if you are an active person that needs to keep your energy levels high during cleansing. Are you looking to drop that last 3-10 pounds for a run, triathlon or social event in three weeks or less? You fill out a short questionnaire and I customize a cleanse just for you based on your needs, goals, lifestyle, and activity level. All packages include: shopping list, meal plan, explanation of cleanse and several of my original recipes. A free eating out guide is added if requested.


For local clients: 1-5 day smoothie cleanse


16oz smoothies in reusable bottles and a 20 minute consultation.

3. Customized Nutrition Guideline


This includes a grocery list, 7 day suggested clean meal guideline and a copy of my book. This plan serves as a guideline for meals and snacks and helps you incorporate the simple nutritious recipes from my book into your lifestyle


Price: $85 

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