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What others have to say:


"I did your cleanse with my daughter and my significant other... I am very happy to say we all stuck to it.. we lost 4-5lb each... but more importantly the feeling of being able to have control of food and not opposite is totally amazing!!! My daughter is going to do a 30 day vegetarian trial. I am going to contiune with the plant base life style because I feel great inside out!!! Thank you so much kayla for sharing with us all your recipes, your dedication to answering all our questions, and most important for just caring about our health."

Yvette Martinez


"I feel more energetic and my clothes are fitting a lot better. It's amazing what these last few days have done. I can say that I'll definitely be making much smarter and healthier choices with eating going forward. Kayla! You are amazing and thank you for helping me kick start 2016 in the right direction! Love ya to pieces!"

Kianna Moore


"My wife Vera Duchneskie and I did the cleanse together. She designated today as "weigh-in day" and woke me up early, giddy as a child on Christmas morning, to see how we did.

I lost 5 pounds over the five-day cleanse. Vera lost 2.5 pounds. More impressively, since she started with Kayla's plant-based diet in October, she has lost 35.5 pounds.

This cleanse has been a wake-up call to me. I have been interested in following a plant-based diet for some time, mainly for ethical reasons. But I've never had the push I needed to start on a new path. This cleanse was the push I needed.

Regardless of diet type, I've eaten terribly for a long time -- fast food, at least two 20-oz. bottles of Coke Zero every day, lots of fat, lots of sugar. Hardly any vegetables. My wife is a great cook, yet I didn't take full advantage of the healthy meals she cooked for us. The cleanse gave me confidence that it isn't impossible to start new healthy habits. You just need to pick a day to start. My willpower is stronger than I thought it was. I will definitely change my eating habits going forward to give plant-based foods a more prominent role in my diet. Maybe I'll finally go -- here's the "V" word -- vegan.Other cleanse benefits: the persistent cough that I've had for months whenever I drank something cold or ate something sweet -- it's gone. Also, my voice has dropped an octave. I'll let Kayla try to explain that one."

John Duchneskie


"Thank you Kayla Gorrell for offering this cleanse. It was just the kick I needed to get back into the healthy swing of things. I learned that I need to pay attention to the labels of the foods I eat. Never knew so many things I enjoyed were processed. I will now be looking at what I buy beforehand. Also one thing I have taken from this and will continue is giving up the artificial stuff. I do feel better this week. I have not weighed myself but I know how I feel and that is good enough for me. I actually stuck to the plan and didn't cheat even with the smell of friends eating Wendys in front of me."

Tia Jackson


"Typically any type of cleanse is difficult for me only because I work out every day and do very intense cardio workouts. So I always feel light headed and always very hungry. I did find that I really enjoyed these smoothies. They were VERY filling and I didn't experience the light headed or felt very hungry. However the MOST important experience has been is that I have been sick for about three months with a constant coughing, I mean all day, every day, every minute. I've been to the doctor around 5 times and ended up with bronchitis, tracheitis, and my primary doctor is sending me to a specialist because she thinks I may have asthma. This has been very frustrating because not only I couldn't get to the bottom of this, it was hard to work out and sleep and it was physically draining. The good news is, this is the first week that I feel almost 100 percent better and the best part of this, my coughing is down tremendously. I taught my aqua and spin class this week and didn't have too much coughing. And yay I lost 10 lbs so far! Thanks Kayla Gorrell for asking me to participate in this cleanse. It's been probably one if not the best cleanse I've done. I hope to learn more from you and do this again. It was also very nice to see all the participants posting their questions and updates daily. "

Franchesca McClean


"I made your pudding with a little difference to make it my own. OMG!! it was so hard to wait it out to chill:) and i licked out the bowl:))) I guess the second half will be my breakfast:)) even if not the best choice but i know it will light up my whole day:))) Millions and millions of thanks!!!!! xo"

Szilviya Kiraly


"I have always been athletic and in OK shape but as I was approaching my 49th birthday I decided to get back to the gym. I was working out 3 days a week , spinning on 3 days and eating relatively healthy but the weight just wouldn't come off and I was having some stomach issues too. I spoke with Kayla (one of my Spin instructors) about a Spartan race I was doing with my son in a couple months.

She introduced me to a whole new way of eating food. We went food shopping together & decided that I should cut back to almost eliminate dairy and gluten. I was difficult at first, but the stomach relief was almost immediate. She supplied me with a weekly menu and several recipes to try cooking more. I was able to increase my weights at the gym; I not only completed the obstacle race with my 20 year old son....I was only 12mins behind him. I've lost 13 lbs. and have started sending Kayla recipes to try.

I have stayed on the new healthy course(most of the time) and still keep her updated on my progress when I see her at spin class!

If you need that push to take you to the next level....give her a call :)"



"I tried your banana coconut bar my family loves it very tasty!! :-) I envy your good balance when it comes to diet, woudln't mind another sample of a days worth of food. It seems that you have a good 80/20 balance and have food combining mastered. Also, you seem to know just how much you need to eat what is your secret?"

Janette Boesch


I would definitely recommend working with Kayla when doing the Detox program. Last March I came back from vacation feeling very bloated and low energy. In working with Kayla I removed all foods except for the ones that she recommended for the detox. I felt great! The bloating went away and I had so much more energy to do the things that I love. After the detox ended, I slowly reintroduced different food groups to determine what didn't work with my chemistry. Removing gluten and dairy shows great benefits to my overall well being. Most days my goal is to eat a Vegan diet but I don't restrict when I go out to dinner or attend a social gathering. I have learned so much from Kayla, from our shopping trips, to recipes to daily chats about how I feel. It's a wonder how much better you can start to feel once you learn how your body reacts to certain foods!



I've always been health conscious and active but after a recent vacation I was feeling sluggish, disengaged from my workouts and yoga practice and my cravings for carbs and sugar were intense. Kayla designed a 5 day cleanse for me. I started on Monday. By Tuesday I noticed I had more energy and my mind was clearer. Wednesday the improvements continued and by Thursday I knew this cleanse thing was really working. The best part about it...I was satiated the entire time and truly enjoyed all the smoothies, hot beverages, salads and trail mix Kayla brilliantly invented. It turns out that my body is much happier being gluten and diary free and surprisingly, eliminating these foods really isn't that difficult. Thanks Kayla!


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